all these things

There are many things about moving that are awful and stressful. You know, switching the bills, changing your address, packing. Figuring out where to get a bunch of boxes. All these things.

But one thing I am appreciating in this move is an opportunity to purge things that I either have no use for or haven't used in a while.

Not the books, though. Don't be silly.


any of it

Three years ago today, I moved to DC. It seems crazy, that so much time has passed. My life before DC seems so faraway, so out of reach. Which is not to say that my life here is not good: it is so good.

Yes, I'm still unemployed - or, as I like to say, I am a full-time writer and photographer who makes her money from unemployment. Yes, there are stressful decisions which have to be made in the next couple of months. Overall, though? I wouldn't trade any of it. Life is good.


another return, sort of

Oh, dear. It's hard to get back into the swing of this whole blogging ordeal. (The fact that I call it an ordeal may give you a hint into my mind-space regarding it.)

But here I am, regardless. Today I am too tired, up late reading - because when my mind gets a hold of fear it does not let go, and the only solution for it is a book. I fell asleep with one at my side like a security blanket. It was good, in a way, because it reminded me that I am still capable of that, of taking care of myself.

None of this is what I came here to tell you.

There are new photos in the etsy store, because despite it all I am still trying to be an artist in the eyes of the world.