I was chatting with my momma the other day, browsing for oats in the Whole Foods, and I mentioned that I was planning to make my own granola (because yes, apparently I am that much of a hippie). She said, "oh, really? Do you have a recipe? You know, I used to make my own granola." She's been looking through old recipes from a recipe box that she recently sent me (sans recipes, which I then requested) and remembering things like that. Which is what I love about this cooking thing - it is a way to connect to people on so many different levels.

More and more this is becoming solely a food blog, because more and more I'm realizing that making food makes me happier than I ever thought it would. It's a little shocking, in a way, though I suppose I should have expected it. I am, after all, more of a Luddite than this blog and Twitter and a general presence on the internet would have you believe. I believe the quality of life goes up with the less screens you have in your life. This blog will still be about the ways I take care of myself, it's just that the way I'm doing that is through home-making.

Take this weekend, for example: up early-for-the-weekend on Saturday to the farmer's market, my only goal being flowers (a bunch of zinnias for $3!) and to buy one other thing (which wound up being those three lovely peppers). Sunday I made breakfast, watched some Arrested Development, and then decided to make cookies until one of my friends called me back. They did, and seconds later showed up, just in time for fresh cookies. It's extremely satisfying to be able to offer that, and to have other people enjoy it.

But it's that breakfast I want to talk about (I've mentioned the cookies before, they're blissfully simple). I have an embarrasing confession to make: I'm not good at breakfast. I've gotten better - in high school breakfast was usually a can of Coke - especially when I make a batch of scones to have for the rest of the week. And like I mentioned earlier, I'm planning on making my own granola. Other than that, though, I've never really ventured into breakfast food. Here's the actual confession: up until Sunday morning, I had never attempted making eggs. Eggs! Everyone can make eggs, right? So, with C.T. (my usual egg-maker) gone for the weekend, a whole lot of spinach to use up, and this week's SummerFest challenge (beans/greens), I decided to try a recipe that's been kicking around my hard drive for years.

Scrambled Omelette with Spinach and Feta

This probably isn't something most people need a recipe for, but I was sure glad I had a jumping off point from which to start. I also topped this off with a splash of this vinaigrette from A Homemade Life. This is the sort of dish where you can throw in whatever you happen to have lying around your fridge, which in my case was baby spinach and feta.

2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
baby spinach
feta cheese (I used crumbles)

Prepare whatever will go "in" the dish - in this case, tear up the spinach into small pieces. Mix the eggs and the milk. Coat the pan in whatever oil you'd like (I used canola oil) and pour the egg mixture in. Let that sit for a few seconds while you gather the spinach and feta. Throw the spinach in and begin stirring with a spatula. Throw the feta in as the eggs begin to resemble scrambled eggs. Stir for a few seconds, then serve! Easy as, well, eggs!


  1. Danielle, that looks like a perfect breakfast (or even light supper) recipe. Thanks!

    here's my Sesame Soy Glazed Green Bean recipe:


  2. Scrambled Omelette with Spinach and Feta, oh this made me hungry :)!

  3. FLD, it is such a satisfying breakfast! Thanks for coming by!

  4. I have those books on my shelf, too! Here is my green bean recipe for Summer Fest, Green Beans w/ Toasted Walnuts, Olive Oil and Sea Salt! Your omelette looks awesome! http://www.thenaptimechef.com/2009/04/napping-on-easter-sunday-dinner-series.html

  5. They're all pretty great, Kelsey! I'm looking forward to slowly but surely building up my library.

  6. I love the phrase, "a recipe that's been kicking around my hard drive for years." Ah, from recipe card to hard drive, we share and share alike.

  7. Oh, Marion, sharing sure has taken a different form than it used to! I'm excited to get all the old recipe cards from my momma and share those, too!

  8. I agree that the quality of life goes up with less screen time in your life, but then what am I doing here? Oh, the quandary... For now, I'll leave this screen until tonight. Happy home-making!

  9. Denise, it is quite the conundrum, isn't it? Thanks for coming by!