a confession

Let me tell you a story:

Early Sunday evening, I realized I had not cooked anything worth reporting about the entire weekend. There hadn't been a holiday or potluck to necessitate it, and so I had been too concerned with just hanging out to actually make food. I'll leave it for tomorrow, I thought to myself.

So we fast forward to Monday evening, at the grocery store, where I still have no clue what I will bake, but being under the impression that it will indeed be baking, I grab some eggs and some sugar. I grab Joy of Cooking and open to brownies. Well. How serendipitous. I still have chocolate chips that need to be used up!

I mix everything up, thinking of the delicious brownies that will surely emerge from my oven in twenty-five minutes. Twenty-five minutes later, the brownies still seem somewhat...gooey. Not a problem, I'll just leave them in for a little bit longer while I eat my dinner. Twenty more minutes later, these brownies are still not quite the proper brownie consistency. They taste fine, but to taste them, I had to scoop the almost-brownies out with my finger.

Needless to say, I don't have a recipe for you today. Just a little story about how sometimes things in the kitchen just don't work (I think it was the aluminum foil Joy of Cooking told me to put in the tin, against my better judgment), or about how maybe I just can't cook with chocolate, like that cake I attempted after yoga that was also chocolate-based. And hey, maybe next week I will have some successful brownies for you. Mmm, brownies.


  1. i think i've made too-gooey brownies a couple times and have decided the recipe(s?) call for too much oil. :)

  2. That is a good call! I am going to have to look at the recipe and see how I can tweak it. Because now I really want brownies.

  3. I love the honesty of "sometimes things in the kitchen just don't work," which is worth its weight in therapy. Made me smile from earring to earring. Oh yeah. True. So true.

  4. Marion, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad this made you smile!