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I have maybe not been the best blogger lately, I realize. I have excuses, though! First a trip down South, then, um, laziness?

It's not even that I didn't have an opportunity to cook, either. We gathered at C.'s apartment for dinner on Friday night, but given the ingredients he already had (and what I was willing to buy), I decided to go with the old standard busy-day cake. And while I love that I have "old standard" anything at this point, it doesn't exactly make for good blogging.

So I thought, well, I need lunch for this week, I can totally whip up something for Tuesday!

...Alas, I was wrong, dear reader. As it turns out, I am not super-industrious in the mornings before work, even when lunch and (self-imposed) deadlines come into play. Tuesday morning I was supposed to bake the bread for my sandwiches and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So into the refrigerator went the dough, and off to work I went.

Making lunch in the morning is not my favorite activity. When possible, I prefer to make it the night before or - horror of horrors - eat not homemade goods. (I know! Shocking! But come on, hummus and pita chips are a tasty meal. And so is Amy's frozen mac and cheese.)

But I figured a late blog post is better than none, so this morning I rushed into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. Now, I'm not actually a huge sandwich fan - especially eating at sandwich joints, where the vegetarian options are usually TBM or all the veggies. Those are both great options, don't get me wrong, and tomato-basil-mozzarella has a very special place in my heart, but a girl likes some variety.

Enter the farmer's lunch sandwich.

Farmer's Lunch Sandwich, á la Danielle
adapted from The Kitchn

bread (see below)
1 apple - I used a pink lady, because I love them
3 tbsp lemon juice
sharp cheddar
honey mustard

First, prepare the bread. I baked up some focaccia dough, shaping it into a ciabatta. (Or, um, a rectangle, instead of a round.) If you don't feel like baking bread, though, just pick up a baguette or ciabatta at the store.

Slice the bread - I sliced into four quarters, then through the middle to make a sandwich. Spread some mustard on both sides of the bread. Cut the apple into thin slices, then toss them in the lemon juice and place on the bottom slice of bread. Next place some lettuce on top of the apples. And finally, cut some slices of cheese and put those on top of the lettuce. Then the other slice of bread, and you've got a sandwich!

Wrap in wax paper, if you're not eating immediately.

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