A beginning, of sorts

It was inevitable, I suppose.

I am a writer by nature, and I've been getting into blogs lately as something to entertain myself with at work. It started innocently enough, with a college friend who writes for
The Sister Project, and from there I found some food blogs that I have raved about to anyone who would listen (which now, I suppose, includes you, dear Reader). Then my dear friend Becca encouraged me to get my own, to which I replied, "maaaaybe," because I was still skeptical. But then C.T. got one, breaking one of his Luddite commandments, and I knew what had to be done.

There was the little matter of the name, however, and anyone who has read fairy tales knows that the naming of things is a very big deal. So I had been reading something I wrote months ago, about how my overeducated, over-literary mind found a fitting comparison to my nine-to-five lifestyle in Mr Hyde, making my writing life (or really, just life outside work) akin to Dr Jekyll. Something about the adjective "jekyllian" seemed fitting for a blog I was planning to use to escape work doldrums.

I don't know what you'll find here from one week to the next. I'm sure the stilted nature of introductions will wear off, but other than that? I'm too protective of my fiction to post it for all the internet to see, and while I am getting both adventurous and ambitious in my tiny galley kitchen, I am certainly not qualified enough to have a food blog. I've always been something of a dilettante, a dabbler. So we'll see. Way opens, as they say.

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