On mazes

I have not been on vacation in over three years. Fall and spring breaks my junior and senior years at college had been boringly spent either going to see my folks in over-sunny Florida, or staying in town, for one reason or another (including wisdom teeth extraction!) - in other words, I am overdue.

(Before I continue, no, this won't be a travel blog, unless in this short time span I have picked up some extravagantly wealthy reader who would like to fund that? No? Damn.)

Two summers ago, I was nursing a broken heart while working as the assistant periodicals librarian in my school's library. This is how I stumbled upon an article on mazes. I figured this was just what I needed, to actually physically lose myself for a little bit. I have spent the following two years trying to convince someone to go with me to a maze and finally managed to achieve my goal: I told
C.T. that I wanted to go to a maze (maybe mentioning the years of waiting - maybe) and he said, okay, let's go.

This is how I find myself taking my first vacation in three years, and while Luray, VA (yes - we'll be going to the caverns, too) may not be the most glamorous vacation spot, I am pretty pumped up. So I'll be back next week, with stories to tell (especially if we get attacked by
goblins). Ciao!


  1. you mean the maze at the zoo didn't satisfy you? hehe

  2. I mean, the maze at the zoo was good and all, but let's be honest, it wasn't even the best part of the zoo!

    ...that was clearly our wizard & safariman voices.