photo friday

I've mentioned my friend Katie in this space before - when I first made scones, I thought of her and her warning from Africa that I would turn into a scone if I didn't stop eating them all the time.

Hopefully she won't mind me saying this too much, but she is also a fantastic artist. (I am lucky enough that many of my friends are. Now if only they'd all stay in one place...) It would be very easy for me to get started talking about art and its importance and the way we tell stories and how necessary they are, but really what I want to do is point you in the direction of the stories we tell each other, Katie's new blog. There really aren't words for how much I love this idea, and how excited I am to see where it goes.

(Speaking of stories, it's only right to mention that it is C.T.'s birthday today. Happy birthday, old man.)

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