taking refuge

I've had this window open for almost an hour, not knowing what to say. I am having a rough time of it this summer, and the past few weeks have been non-stop. We have welcomed friends back and sent them away, and though I tattooed a creature of transition on my body, I am tired of the transition. I am tired of starting over. I know I am not done yet.

Meanwhile, I have been taking refuge in comfort food, hearkening back to the boring white food of my youth. I am eating pasta dressed only with olive oil, black pepper, and parmesan. I indulge in vanilla ice cream, with a crumble topping. You can see why I haven't been updating - I can't remember the last time I looked at a recipe or a cookbook.

There are twenty recipes marked unread sitting in my email, though. (What a weird time we live in - it used to be clippings sitting on a counter somewhere, now I've got recipes in emails.) I'm hoping once my emotional life settles down and the weather starts to cool off, I'll be back in the kitchen, creating.

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